Cat & Kitten Recommended Vaccinations

Kitten Shots
  • 1st FVRCPC age 6-8 weeks
  • 2nd FVRCPC 3 weeks after 1st
  • 3rd FVRCPC 3 weeks after 2nd
  • 1st Rabies 12 weeks

Then FVRCPC and Rabies vaccines are given yearly.

The FVRCPC shots vaccinates against….
-Rhinotracheities-sneezing and snotty eyes and nose
-Calici-respiratory disease and mouth sores
-Panleukopenia- vomiting and diarrhea
-Chlamydia-snotty eyes and nose

Rabies vaccination-The most important vaccination.
Rabies kills animals and people.

Other Vaccinations
Feline leukemia virus causes cancer and suppresses the immune system so that cats get sick from what would normally be an unnoticed or mild infection. We have a vaccine to protect your outdoor cats.