About Us

Sioux Nation Pet Clinic started out as THE place to go to have your pets vaccinated, get their nails trimmed and grooming. We built a solid reputation based on our monthly walk in shot clinic, which we still do the first Saturday of each month. We had lines out the door with customers and their pets. A lot of people started asking if we did X-rays, dental work and surgeries. We had so much demand for those services that we hired 3 veteranarians, ordered lots of equipment, added an addition to our clinic and started to be known for our comprehensive veterinary care. Today we provide an extensive offering of services, ranging from physical wellness examinations and vaccinations to full laboratory services and advanced surgical procedures.

At Sioux Nation Pet Clinic our focus is on the health and wellbeing of your pet as well as your budget. We treat your pet like it’s one of our own, we take the time to diagnose and treat problems rather than symptoms and make sure that you feel confident that your furry family member is in good hands. If you’re a new client, feel free to call us and arrange a tour of our clinic and a face to face visit with our doctors before you decide to use our services. We’re confident that you’ll see why so many people bring their pets to Sioux Nation Pet Clinic.